Two Bays Tough Ten Challenge

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Paul Grinham:  The Tough Ten just got TOUGHER! We trialled the course on a dry summers day and it was a challenge, on a cold damp February morning; it will be a whole new experience!

The new course takes you outside of the woods and out to Sand Point bringing new terrain and obstacles. You will be rewarded with some spectacular views before returning for the final climb, which has been made BIGGER!

Although still 10 miles; because it is spread out over a greater area, the route feels more of an event than the original course. 

Debra Adamson:   I loved the Tough Ten 2013 as it was my first and I finished so much quicker than I expected. But the new route is something else. It's harder, it takes in so many beautiful parts of Weston and overall makes for a much better race experience. Coming back from injury I have been struggling but last Sunday running the test run of the new route, somewhere between the two bays I found the running mojo I had lost, bring on Feb 2015!

Suzanne Davis:   The new course is quite a different beast to the race from previous years and I think for those people who have taken part before they will definitely be in for a (hopefully pleasant!) surprise! The first part of the course, i.e. along the beach, promenade and toll road, was reassuring and expected and gets you nicely warmed up before what I think will be the most challenging leg along Sand Bay and up on Sand Point - this could be gruelling (in a good way though!) in the February weather. It will certainly be something to remember in good or bad weather - if we are lucky enough to have good weather then it will be a stunning run - if not, it will be even more of a challenge :-) The route back off the beach and up the road I felt was a good 'breather' before the route up into the woods - which is the part I'd always enjoyed from the race before. The new route out of the woods is great too and a real opportunity to pick up some pace and have a 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' moment, before the stunning finish on the beach. It's a great new route - lots of different terrain, scenery and a challenge.


Marcus Kropacsy:   The new 2 Bay Tough Ten course will be a real challenge. The terrain is much more varied and open, and you will be fully exposed to the elements, especially as you run the length of Sand Bay on the beach. There's a cheeky little climb up to the Trig point at the half way mark, which gives way to a spectacular panorama at the top - remember to appreciate it. At the 3/4 point, just as legs are starting to really burn, and energy levels are dropping, you are confronted with a double climb, comprising the original Tough Ten hill with an extra 100ft of ascent tacked on at the beginning just for good measure! Once at the top, all you have left to navigate before reaching the finish is a tricky descent, a little bit of road, some steps, a rockpool and a bit more sand - Enjoy!